In The Mind of A Procrastinator Journal: Post #2

Time really does go fast when you are a procrastinator.  I had time for everything, and had no time for anything!  My question to myself is, “Did I not really have enough time to get everything done, or did I not prioritize what needed to be done?

My publisher at FreedomInk sent me a message a few weeks ago that I keep on my white board in my room.  She stated that she asks herself these two questions:

1. Does This really need to be done?

2.  Can I delegate this?

If all questions answer with a no, then it gets written on a priority list.  We must learn to delegate tasks to others so that we can free up our time to get to the top priority of  things on our ‘To Do Lists’.

I want this not to be my sounding board, but I am hoping to get you to interact with me and tell me what you do to take advantage of the time you have.


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