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In The Mind of A Procrastinator Journal: Post #3

I have a false sense of accomplishment every week when I am doing my homework assignments for school.  I have been getting the work done, but I feel that it has been substandard as I continue to put off what I could do today.  I always have enough time to do the assignment for class, but I wait until I have a short amount of time to accomplish the task at hand.  I didn’t know why I continued to do this until I read this fascinating article that I think would be most helpful to those, like myself, who tend to procrastinate regardless of the situation.  I realized that even when I procrastinate on an assignment, I still receive a good grade, and I am therefore being rewarded for my lack of doing the assignment with the relaxation of lots of time.

I don’t want to do too much writing for this post, but I want you as the reader to read this article from CalPoly, Procrastination-Study Skills.  I believe this will be most helpful to those that need to recover from the psychological disease of procrastination.

Please let me know what you think.  I hope that this could be an open discussion.

My name is Yvette Porter Moore, and I am a Recovering Procrastinator.