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First Post: Procrastination No More

Welcome into my world of Procrastination No More!

Procrastination is my #1 enemy, and beginning today (not tomorrow), I am stomping the old girl out!  Come inside the mind of a recovering procrastinator.  Procrastination has stopped me and slowed me down from many of the things I could have accomplished.

I war with Procrastination!  It feels like sometimes I have a war inside of myself.  It is if the elements of desire, perfectionism, and my mind & body do not work together.  It is an internal conflict and therefore I keep putting things off until tomorrow, or until I have a crises situation.  I don’t begin to move until I have no choice because I am in crisis!  When I am in Crisis mode, my work is not A+ like it should be. It is clear to me that I can do my projects even better if I had started earlier and had given myself more time.

I am not sure how many of you procrastinate, but I hope that what I write over the next 52 weeks, encourages you to overcome your tendency to procrastinate.

So until tomorrow, See you on my journey!!