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In The Mind of A Procrastinator Journal: Post #3

I have a false sense of accomplishment every week when I am doing my homework assignments for school.  I have been getting the work done, but I feel that it has been substandard as I continue to put off what I could do today.  I always have enough time to do the assignment for class, but I wait until I have a short amount of time to accomplish the task at hand.  I didn’t know why I continued to do this until I read this fascinating article that I think would be most helpful to those, like myself, who tend to procrastinate regardless of the situation.  I realized that even when I procrastinate on an assignment, I still receive a good grade, and I am therefore being rewarded for my lack of doing the assignment with the relaxation of lots of time.

I don’t want to do too much writing for this post, but I want you as the reader to read this article from CalPoly, Procrastination-Study Skills.  I believe this will be most helpful to those that need to recover from the psychological disease of procrastination.

Please let me know what you think.  I hope that this could be an open discussion.

My name is Yvette Porter Moore, and I am a Recovering Procrastinator.


In The Mind of A Procrastinator Journal: Post #2

Time really does go fast when you are a procrastinator.  I had time for everything, and had no time for anything!  My question to myself is, “Did I not really have enough time to get everything done, or did I not prioritize what needed to be done?

My publisher at FreedomInk sent me a message a few weeks ago that I keep on my white board in my room.  She stated that she asks herself these two questions:

1. Does This really need to be done?

2.  Can I delegate this?

If all questions answer with a no, then it gets written on a priority list.  We must learn to delegate tasks to others so that we can free up our time to get to the top priority of  things on our ‘To Do Lists’.

I want this not to be my sounding board, but I am hoping to get you to interact with me and tell me what you do to take advantage of the time you have.

In The Mind of A Procrastinator Journal: Post #1

It has been a few days since I posted to my blog.  Since January 3rd, I have been trying to check off some long over due tasks on my To Do List.  I have been pretty successful, but I still seem to have the tendency to procrastinate.

I have three major things that I must get done, but I continue to put them off.   It doesn’t make me feel good and I feel like a slave to my “I don’t feel like doing it right now.”  How do I get around it?  I am not sitting at home not doing anything.  I always have things to do, and I always or at least most of the time do quite a bit.  Sometimes I think it is because I am not prioritizing correctly, or it is because I will do it tomorrow.

Those three things that I must do tomorrow are:

  1.  Fill out Child Support Papers regarding my daughter and turn into the Dept. of Child Support Services.
  2.  Help son with his Visitation and Child Custody Papers and mail to him, so he can file with State of AZ.
  3. Complete Power Point Presentation for Saturday, January 14, 2012 re: Blogging Your Family History.
     I will not allow anything to get in the way of me doing these three things.  I put it in my mind and convince myself that tomorrow is my paperwork day.  Will I let Facebook and my other online distractions get in the way?  I might.  I know I will check my FB in the morning, but I am going to have to be disciplined and not waste my minutes away.

I will check back with everyone on my next Journal post and let you know how it goes.  I believe the accountability will be most helpful.

I received a response to my last post about doing a 12-Step Program with Procrastination.  I think that this will be doable.   I am not sure exactly how I am going to do the 12 Step Program, but I am thinking I will do one step-a-month.  I am hoping to get some responses, suggestions, and possibly guest bloggers to help with this process.  So, as we all know, the 1st Step for any 12 Step Program, is to admit that one has a problem.  So today publicly, I am admitting that I have a problem with procrastination.

I am not an expert in how to overcome procrastination, as I am recovering from Procrastination.  It is my hope that my sharing will help others and allow others to look at the reasons why they procrastinate and find ways to overcome.